Welcome to My Mum Has Cancer.

If you are here because your Mum has cancer, then please let me tell you how sorry I am.

It’s a terrifying place to find yourself and no amount of googling or reading will help you feel better and could make you feel worse.

My story won’t help you feel any better but if you’re here, you might be like me and are the type that will read and read despite the fact that everyone tells you not to.

Those four words ‘My Mum has Cancer’ give me the chills.

I had to say them over and over again when Mum was first diagnosed and it was the hardest sentence to keep repeating.

It was only when I started to tell people in my on-line blogging world that I found out that many of my friends had been through similar experiences.

Some with the same type of cancer and others that had different but it didn’t make a difference – it helped so much to be able to talk to other people who had been through something similar.

I realised that I was so lucky to belong to such an open community but other children or family members of someone with cancer, may not know so many others who will share their story.

So, as I had been keeping a diary anyway, I decided to share it.

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